Zazala Paros


Zazala, in the Aegean locality means grape, the symbol of the god Dionysus, identified with joy, fun, enjoyment and celebration!

Zazala beach bar & restaurant is located in the arms of a magnificent bay of Paros, on Prasporos beach, just a few kilometers from the town of Parikia.


Dj music sessions & cocktails
on weekdays after 5 pm


You can book umbrellas with sunbeds, or for dining at our restaurant.


Zazala, divided into two different buildings, is located on Parasporos beach, a few kilometers from the town of Parikia. The beach in Zazala is long and sandy, with tamarisk trees and bare imposing rocks that create its natural boundaries.


The wonderful natural beach, provides the visitor with an organized part, with comfortable relaxing sunbeds where one can try healthy and inspiring small meals and snacks, and another, unorganized for anyone who prefers it.

What makes Zazala unique is its magical sunset. It is the moment when the sun sets in the waters of the bay making the landscape burn.


The kitchen of Zazala Restaurant opens at 12:30 noon and is a very pleasant surprise. Mediterranean, with strong Cycladic influences, often uses local products and raw materials for the preparation of its dishes, giving a rare and refined traditional taste result.


Zazala Bar is open from the morning. It is a place with an authentic summer atmosphere where one can enjoy coffee and cocktails, light breakfasts or snacks, while lying on the comfortable sofas and pillows.

Zazala Agora

Visit Agora, our shop at Zazala and discover hats, tote bags and sandals, beach towels and t-shirts, all handpicked by us to accessorize your summer.